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Are your products organic?Updated 10 months ago

At Equip Foods, we are proud to offer products that prioritize the health and well-being of our cows. While our products are not certified organic, rest assured that Equip Foods is 100% free of antibiotics. We deeply value our cows, treating them like cherished pets and providing them with the utmost care. When our cows fall ill, we promptly send them to a specialized cow hospital under the expert supervision of our dedicated veterinarian. Here, they receive the necessary attention and treatment to aid in their recovery.

While our products may not carry organic certification, we want you to know that our commitment to the well-being of our cows is unwavering. By providing exceptional care, closely monitoring their health, and ensuring the absence of antibiotics, we deliver a product that meets the highest standards of quality and safety. You can trust Equip Foods for its efficacy, knowing that it is 100% guaranteed to be free of antibiotics.

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