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Clean Carbs - Sweet Potato PowderUpdated a year ago

In the world of fitness and nutrition, carbohydrates play an indispensable role. They're not only an excellent source of energy but also crucial for recovery after intense workouts. Our Clean Carbs supplement, made from organic sweet potatoes, provides an all-natural and nutritious carbohydrate source in each scoop. 

Key Features of Clean Carbs

  • Natural Carbohydrate Source: Clean Carbs delivers the nutrition of one organic sweet potato in each scoop, providing you with a wholesome, plant-based carbohydrate source.

  • Faster Recovery: Clean Carbs facilitates faster recovery from intense workouts by replenishing your glycogen stores.

  • Gut Health Support: By providing excellent food and fiber sources, Clean Carbs promotes gut health and supports a healthy microbiome.

  • Quality Ingredients: Our product is made from organic sweet potatoes, vanilla powder, and stevia, maintaining its natural goodness.

  • Optimized Digestion: Unlike most carbohydrate supplement powders that quickly digest and can spike insulin levels or cause gastrointestinal distress, Clean Carbs' carbohydrates are from sweet potatoes, processed in a way that leaves plant walls intact. This method allows the carbs to be digested further down the digestive tract, preventing insulin spiking and nourishing your gut microbes.

  • Cold Processing: Clean Carbs is made via a cold processing method, ensuring all nutrients remain intact and you receive the maximum benefit.

  • Energy Production: If you're active or aiming for a balanced diet, micronutrient-dense, complex carbohydrates like Clean Carbs can play an excellent role in energy production.

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