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Understanding Our Beef Liver Capsules: Sourcing, Composition, and SafetyUpdated 2 months ago

In our commitment to provide high-quality, nutritious supplements, we believe in full transparency. Here's a quick rundown of some key information about our Beef Liver Capsules.

Sourcing Our Beef

Our capsules incorporate beef that hails from both Sweden and Argentina. The grass-fed beef for our Prime Protein is selectively sourced from Sweden, known for their conscientious, sustainable farming protocols. Meanwhile, the nutrient-rich beef liver used in our capsules originates from the pastures of Argentina. Both countries share a common commitment to ethical farming methods where cattle are naturally grass-fed and raised in open pastures. This dedication to natural and holistic farming ensures that we provide the highest quality and most nutritionally dense products for our consumers.

Composition of the Capsules

Each of our Beef Liver Capsules contains 500mg of Beef Liver Powder, offering a concentrated dose of the nutrients found in this superfood. The capsules themselves are made from gelatin, making them easy to swallow and digest.

The liver is freeze-dried, a process that preserves its nutritional profile while making it safe and convenient for encapsulation and consumption.

Capsule Size

The size of our Beef Liver Capsules is '0'. This is a standard size for capsules, designed to be easy to swallow while still providing a substantial dose of the supplement.

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