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Why do you use stevia?Updated 23 days ago

With so many varying opinions out there, the world of sweeteners can be a bit of a maze. But here's our take:

We've given it a lot of thought and done our homework, and we're big fans of stevia. Why, you ask? Well, as natural zero-calorie sweeteners go, we reckon stevia takes the cake for safety and taste. Plus, we're careful with our quantities - we only use a modest 100mg of stevia per scoop in all our products. From what we've seen, this is a super safe, low dose. 

Just a heads up, though - some folks report side effects when they're consuming more than 1g a day (which would be like 10 servings of our products). So moderation is key, as with most things in life!

We're aware that many of our customers are on the hunt for low-carb options, which is why we lean towards a zero-calorie sweetener like stevia instead of honey or something similar. But if stevia isn't your jam, don't sweat it - we've got unflavored, stevia-free options on the menu too. 

Many sources of stevia contain chemicals but it’s possible to process stevia without chemicals, just using mechanical processing - it simply costs more which is why many people don’t use those sources. Our stevia is pure stevia with no chemicals or additives. We also offer unflavored options of all of our products for those who prefer stevia-free options.

We hope that helps clear things up a bit! If you are interested in learning more about stevia, check out our blog post here

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