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Core Colostrum

Core Colostrum

Our Colostrum powder Colostrum's diverse nutrients have been shown to support gut health, skin health, immunity, and recovery. What is Colostrum?. Colostrum is the nutrient-rich milk produced by mammals, including humans, in the first few days after

Where is your Colostrum sourced?

We source only from US dairy farms who also have a “calf-first promise.” That means the calves get every drop of colostrum before any of it is collected for the supplementation process.

Is colostrum a dairy product? Can people with lactose intolerance use it?

Colostrum is considered a dairy product - it does contain small amounts of lactose. However, we find that most people with lactose intolerance usually find colostrum very digestible and beneficial to gut health.

Is your Colostrum pasteurized?

Yes, our colostrum powder is pasteurized using a low-heat process that is designed to keep all nutrients intact. This process allows us to provide the safest and highest-quality product possible.

Can I mix the colostrum in hot drinks?

Warm water is fine but we do not recommend boiling water. Best to keep in under 150'F to keep nutrients in tact. Boiling water may be okay too but we cannot guarantee it.

How is colostrum sourced?

Calves always receive colostrum first! That's our promise. After birth, cows produce colostrum in excess. Calfs only consume 33-50% of colostrum produced, the rest goes to waste. We source the surplus colostrum and process it with low-temperatures to

How many mg of IgG is in one serving of Core Colostrum?

Our Colostrum is made up of approximately 25% IgG. The amounts will differ slightly from batch to batch depending on the cow, season, etc.

Does Colostrum have casein in it?

Yes, there is a small amount of casein in our colostrum. Less than 1g of casein per scoop.

Is Colostrum safe to take when pregnant?

Yes, it should be safe and beneficial to consume when pregnant, but we recommend consulting a doctor if you have any specific concerns.

How much protein and PRP is in colostrum?

There are 2g's of protein and 200mg of PRP per serving.

When and who should take colostrum?

It is for all ages! Great for both kids and adults. It can be taken any time of the day. There is some data which suggests taking it first thing in the morning on an empty stomach will help maximize absorption but anytime with or without food is fine