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What's the best way to mix protein powder?

Here's the scoop: We're big fans of using a blender or a hand frother. Why's that? It's all about the air - when you shake it up, more air gets in, which can give you a foamier texture. And since we're all about keeping our products natural and free

What is beef isolate exactly?

Imagine we've taken a high-quality, grass-fed beef - both the bones and the lean muscle meat (though it's mostly the muscle) - and whipped it up into a protein powder. Pretty cool, right?. And here's the best part: we do all of this without using any

Is your protein powder lactose free?

Dairy and Lactose-Free. Prime Protein is entirely dairy-free, and therefore, it is also lactose-free. This makes it a suitable option for individuals who are lactose intolerant or who follow a dairy-free diet. Free from Common Allergens. Beyond being

Is there iron in your Prime Protein products?

There is less than 5mg of iron per 100g so the iron content is quite low. If you have any more questions or require further information about our Prime Protein, please feel free to reach out to us. We're always here to assist you. Thanks for choosing

Does your protein powder contain caffeine?

Most of our flavors do not contain caffeine. Prime Protein-Chocolate: Contains less than 5mg of caffeine per serving due to the cocoa powder. Prime Protein-Iced Coffee: Contains less than 10mg of caffeine per serving. The indian spray dried coffee is

Suggestions on how to add in fats and carbs to make Prime Protein a full meal replacement

Many will mix with fruits and nut butters in a smoothie or add avocado, coconut oil, or eggs to shakes in addition to fruit.

Is there any naturally occurring creatine in Prime Protein?

Very low creatine. There’s only about 1g of creatine in 16oz of real beef. We see around 150 to 200 milligrams in Prime. 4-5g of creatine is a reasonable daily serving when taken as a supplement.

How the protein has no cholesterol if it is beef?

The primary sources of cholesterol in beef come from fat and our grass-fed beef in Prime Protein is defatted.

Does your protein powder have purines?

Our Prime Protein is low in purines but also high in glycine - glycine is an amino acid which has been shown to help clear uric acid.

How much caffeine is in Prime Chocolate?

There is less than 5mg of caffeine per scoop in Prime Chocolate.

Is Prime Protein high in histamines?

Our Prime Protein is low histamine. It is freeze dried immediately which helps keep histamines low.

What does the unflavored taste like?

It’s not tasteless. If consumed in isolation it has a slightly beef flavor, almost like a very light bone broth. If consumed in a smoothie, baked goods, etc it won’t be noticeable. Most people mix it shakes or baked goods and don’t taste it at all. W

Is the B12 in prime protein naturally occurring?

It is naturally occurring. We do not add any vitamins to our products. You’ll see on our other supplement facts panels that Iron is listed on Iced Coffee as is Vitamin E, please see the supplement facts panel for list of full ingredients. We include

Do your protein powders contain Neu5gC?

Yes it will contain small amounts of naturally occurring Neu5Gc. Please note that people who consume red meat and/or milk have antibodies to process Neu5Gc.

" How many scoops are in the bags of protein powder?

There are 30 servings per pack for our Prime Protein products.